Józef Lewandowski

J Ó Z E F   L E W A N D O W S K I   1 9 2 3 — 2 0 0 7

Jozef Lewandowski was born in 1923 in Poland. In his youth he was soldier in WWII. After the war he studied at Warsaw University, with doctor thesis completed in 1961. He specialised in East-European history and national questions. 1969 he arrived as political refugee to Sweden and was associated with the University in Uppsala, where he worked until retirement in 1988. He has published a large amount of scientific writings and several books. Peter Englund, who wrote the foreword to his last book Knutpunkt Stockholm, was one of the Jozef Lewandowskis students in Uppsala.
Jozef Lewandowsk died 17 november 2007 in Stockholm.