Józef Lewandowski

J Ó Z E F   L E W A N D O W S K I

Selected writings
Complete bibliography of texts published by Józef Lewandowski over the years contains several hundred positions, published around the world in several languages (either translated or in original). Here we aim to present some examples of Jozefs articles.

History and Myth: Pinsk, April 1919
  Published in POLIN 2, 1988
Wokół biografii Krzysztofa Kamila Baczyńskiego
  Ze zbioru: Szkło bolesne, obraz dni... Eseje nieprzedawnione, 1991
Early Swedish Information about the Nazis' Mass Murder of the Jews
  Published in POLIN 13, 2000
A Fish Breaks trough the Net: Sven Norman and the Holocaust
  Published in POLIN 14, 2001 
Archeologia niepamięci
  Opublikowany w: MIDRASZ 4 (108), 2006